Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's True...

Yup, I'm pregnant!! We are expecting baby #2 on July 29th. We are so stinkin' excited! I've had a really hard time keeping this pregnancy a secret. I don't know why, I've just been so excited to tell people. Samson is excited, too. Whenever we ask him where mommy's baby is, he'll point to my belly. It's so cute!! Well, I had my first appointment on Friday and so far so good. I'm only six weeks along, though. My doctor did an ultra sound that day, but I wasn't far enough along to see anything. I go back on Dec. 28th. We should be able to see something then! I can't wait!! :) I will keep everyone updated!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lady Madonna

This is one of Abbie's favorite songs. She knows almost every word. It is hilarious!! Just thought I'd share with all of you! Enjoy!

This and That


So, I realize that it has been forever since I've updated, so expect a ton of pictures. We've done a lot since the last time I posted. During the summer, we went to Lagoon for my mom and dad's stake Lagoon day. We had a lot of fun. It was the first time Samson had ever been, and he was a champ!!

One day, Samson and I went to Wheeler Farm with my mom, Arica and her girls, and my cousin. They had a lot of fun feeding the ducks and looking at the animals.

This duck was so funny! We called him the poof-head duck. There was quite a few of them like this.

Too stinkin' cute!!


We also went to a Family Reunion for my mom's mom's side of the family. They had a playground that the kids were having fun at. Sam was just chillin' in the swing, but it took him a while to find a good way to go down the slide.

We spent a few days a Bear Lake with my whole family (except Andy, Jill and Eden. We missed you guys.) Samson fell in the lake. The grown-ups did a little boating and wake boarding even though it was a rainy, cold day. It was a blast and a much needed vacation.

Samson tried to play a little ping pong. Side note: I have a picture of me when I was about 18 months old standing on a ping pong table with a paddle in my hand. We just couldn't resist getting a similar one of Sam.

We spent one morning at the park with Arica and her girls. Since the slide at the family reunion, Samson now LOVES them. He will pretty much go down any slide you put him on.

I decided to let Samson have his own little bowl of ice cream in the car one day. We were in a rush to pick Scott up from work, and I knew the ice cream would melt if I waited, so I just gave Sam the bowl and a spoon and let him go at it. You can't really tell in this picture, but he was a MESS!!! So was the car seat.

I think this was on Labor Day. We spent the day at my mom and dad's. I'm pretty sure this is home made ice cream, but I can't remember for sure! Sam had fun with it, though.

While the Utah State Fair was in town, we decided to go. We had a lot of fun, and I think Samson had a good time, too.

Jill and Eden we able to come into town for a few days, and we had lots of fun with them. The kids were all so good together, and it was very entertaining to watch them.

The other day, we took Samson to a pumpkin patch. It was so much fun. I don't ever remember going to one as a kid, so it was fun to take Sam. He loved all the space he had to run around. He loved pointing to all the pumpkins. We ended up getting a nice big one to carve, and Samson picked some small ones all by himself.

And this is Samson's latest favorite toy. Yup, the silverware drawer. He will scoot a chair over to the drawer, open it, then climb onto the chair. He the takes out the silverware and puts in on the counter. Then he will put it back in. He will keep himself entertained with this forever! He's so funny!