Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Arizona trip 2009

I know these are super late, but here are the pictures from our trip to Arizona a few months ago. Be prepared for A LOT of pictures! I'll try to keep the words down to a minimum!!

This was in the hotel room we stayed at in Page on our way down. We got there at about 1:00 am. Sam was pretty good considering it was so late. He had slept for a while in the car, but wasn't happy to be woken up. It took him a while to fall back asleep, but he did ok until he got too cold. We all did... I think we forgot to turn the heat on. Oops!!

Samson slept more in the car the next morning. If you look closely, you can tell he was eating graham crackers!

At one point, I looked back to check on Sam, and this is what I saw. I thought it was so cute, I just had to take a picture! What a cute little boy!!

Samson wanted to drive for a little while... We just let him sit there for a bit!

The main reason we went to Arizona was to go to a reception for my uncle John that had gotten married a month earlier. The reception was at a really cool cowboyish restaurant. Right outside the front door, there was this bull. Kinda funny!

Us with the great view behind us.
Side note: Scott picked out my whole outfit for the reception. Dress, shirt, and shoes!! What a great husband I have!!

My mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Bob and Uncle John (the groom)

My cute little family with my uncle John.
Samson at Great Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth's.

We went to the cemetery to visit Scott's brother's grave. When Scott went into the office to find out where we needed to go, there was this limo golf cart. We thought it was hilarious!

Samson at his Uncle Jon's grave. He was so cute while we were there!!

We went to the park one day. I think it was one of the first times that Sam had been to a park. I don't think he knew what to think. We've since taken him to other parks, and he LOVES them!!

We also went to the zoo. Scott loves the Phoenix Zoo, so we had to take Samson while we were there. I think he had a lot of fun, and we did too.

In the kangaroo pouch.

This is one of my favorite pictures!! He is such a ham!

There was a little petting zoo with goats. Sam had a good time with it.

One of my favorite things at the zoo is that they have a place that you walk through, and there are monkeys just in the open. They are just running around and playing around you. It was awesome!!

This baboon was so funny. He came right over to us and just looked at us for a while. Then he stuck his finger in his nose, pulled it out and wiped it on the glass right in front of us!! We started laughing, and then he wiped it off again, and put it in his mouth. It was hilarious!!

We saw lions...

and a tiger...
but we weren't able to see the bear... Oh, my!!

At the zoo, they have a little fountain place that the kids can play in. We thought Samson would have fun with it. He was a little hesitant at first...

Then he got curious about all the holes in the ground...

Then water started coming out of said holes, and that freaked him out!! It looks like he's enjoying himself in this picture, but he was actually screaming!!

So he wanted my to hold him again.

When I tried to put him down, he didn't want to go near the water again.

Once the water turned off, he was fine. Silly boy!
Side note: Sam's still not a big fan of cold water. When we go swimming at my mom's house in the little kiddie pool, Sam won't get in it. He loves to play in the water from outside of the pool, but he hates to be put in the pool. Again, silly boy!!

We went to visit Scott's aunt Kathleen and had dinner with her and her son, Sean. She made yummy, yummy tacos. Huish tacos are THE BEST!!!
Sean, Scott, Me and Samson

Samson and Scott with Aunt Kathleen. (I think Sam looks really fat in this picture!)

Samson riding on the pony at Gma and Gpa Farnsworth's.

Samson with Great Aunt Tammy.

We had so much fun on our trip. Samson did get sick for about a day and a half. We were dealing with him vomiting, and lots and lots of diareah, but he was still a happy boy.

On the drive home, we got a later start than we thought we were going to, so we ended up staying the night in Kanab. We got there about midnight, and Sam DID NOT want to go back to sleep. He was just as happy as could be, though.

We stopped in Beaver for a bathroom break. Every time my family would stop here on family trips when I was younger, we'd always take pictures on the huge rocking chair. Sam was a little grumpy, so we didn't get a lot of good ones, but we tried!!

Samson was all tuckered out from out fun-filled vacation. He slept most of the way home the last day. He was such a trooper, though.