Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here's the deal... I am in desperate need of a long-term babysitter. I've have a few in the last little while, and they've all been great, but they've only been able to help short-term. (Which we knew from the beginning.) We need someone that is flexible with the hours because Scott's schedule changes from week to week. My schedule is the same: I work M-F 7:30-12:30. There are times that Scott's shifts overlap with mine. So, it would only be in the mornings, and I would pick Sam up everyday no later than 1:00. (The drop off times would change according to Scott's schedule.) The days would vary as well. Scott gets two days off a week, and sometimes it's the weekend, and sometimes it's not.

Now, I'm not a fan of the day care thing - even if it's out of someone's home. I use to work in a day care, so I know how it is, and frankly, I don't think I could afford it. That's the other thing... we can't pay a lot. We've been paying our past babysitters between 2-3 dollars an hour. I know it's not much, but if you know of anyone that is looking to earn a little extra money, PLEASE let me know.

Sam is a great kid. I haven't had any complaints about him from our other sitters. He plays well with other kids, but is also content to play by himself sometimes. He is very well behaved. Granted he has his moments - he is 2 after all!! :)

If anyone knows of anyone that can help, please let me know ASAP. We need someone fast! Thank you all for your help!! :)

Easter and Potty Training

This is a little late, but better than never, right?! :) We had a pretty good Easter. The only bummer part was that Scott had to work all day. So, that kinda sucked. Luckily, he didn't have to work too early, so he was able to see Samson hunt for eggs. Sam did so good. He had a lot of fun with it. He is such a funny boy, though. He did a total of five egg hunts, and some he did great, but others he couldn't care less!! It was pretty funny. I didn't have the camera with me for the first two hunts, but I did for the last three. This is Easter Morning at our house.

He loved his Elmo gardening kit. He likes to pull out the rake and rake everything. Then he discovered that there were things inside the bag, too. He was thrilled!! :) This egg hunt was at my Grandma's house. He did great at this one, too. He does pretty good about finding the eggs before getting the candy in them. Although, once he saw one of those chocolate eggs, he was done for. He LOVES those!!

By the way... Isn't his Easter outfit super cute?!?! He was such a stud in it!! The last egg hunt was the day after Easter and Grandma and Grandpa Huish's house. He was not too interested in this one. I guess he was excited to be outside and play with the toys. He would go running to what we thought was to get an egg, but he was just running to a toy! He was able to get a few eggs, though with dad's help!

On another note... We've been working on potty training a little bit. Holy Cow, it is a lot more work than I thought it would be. Sometimes I think Sam is ready, but sometimes, I'm not quite sure. He gets really excited when he goes pee pee in the toilet, but he doesn't understand that he needs to let us know when he needs to go. I think part of the problem there is that he doesn't really talk. Oh well, we'll just keep working at it. I have to say that he looks really cute in his big boy underwear!! :) He also knows how to keep himself from getting bored while waiting!!