Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The results are in...

I had my ultra sound today. Everything went well. I have to go back in four to six week for another one, though. They couldn't get a good enough look, so we'll have to wait.

Just kidding!!! I do have to go back, but only so they can get a better look at the spine. They couldn't get a good enough look at the bottom of it, so I'll go back so they can check that. So, everything they were able to look at, they said it looked good. This baby is stubborn, though. (I don't know where that came from!) :) I didn't think we would be able to tell what we were having at first because the legs were crossed. But, in time we were able to get a good look. And............

We are having a GIRL!! We are so super excited! But Scott better watch out, he's gonna have a lot to handle if this is going to be a daddy's girl! (Which I hope she is!!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

New bed for Samson?

This is what we found Samson doing tonight. He plays with the door to Nabisco's kennel all the time, but this is what I saw when I went in to check on him tonight.

What a silly boy!! We had a pretty good laugh over this. I don't know when or how he figured out that he would be able to fit in there, but it doesn't surprise me that he did figure it out. He is such a smart little guy! He makes me laugh all the time, too. He sure knows how to work a crowd. (Or his mom.) :) Speaking of new beds, though. We are thinking about moving Samson into a big boy bed soon. I don't know if I'm ready for it, but I think Sam is getting close to be. He's growing up too fast!! We'll keep you posted when it happens!

Happy, Happy Birthday Samson dear

I can not believe the my "little" Samson is TWO!!! Where is the time going? Sam had a pretty good birthday, considering he didn't really know that it was any different than any other day!! :) His actually birthday was on Thursday, the 25th. But we celebrated with family with a party on Saturday. He had a good time, and got spoiled by everyone!!

Here is Samson on his birthday. My big two-year-old!!

Before people came over for the party, Sam was a good helper to get things ready.

He helped with the cupcakes...

And he helped Daddy mop the floor.

We started the party with cupcakes and ice cream. Sam wasn't too sure about the candles, which is kinda funny, because Scott has started teaching him that fire is cool. He knows how to blow out matches, but he wasn't sure about the candles.

Once the candles were blown out, and removed from the cupcake, Samson dove right in! He sure loves his cupcakes!! He seriously devoured that thing. I walked into the kitchen for a minute, and when I came back, it was GONE!!

Then he opened his presents. Like I said, he was spoiled. His family sure loves him, and I don't blame them one bit!! :)

He got a fridge phonics toy. It's way cool! They are magnets that go on the fridge, and you can put each letter in and it sings a little song to tell you what sound that letter makes. Samson has been having so much fun with it! The only bad thing is that I have the Alphabet song in my head all day!! :) Thanks Papa and Sha Sha! (The little red Mickey outfit in the back ground was from Grandma and Grandpa Huish. Thanks, guys. He looks so cute in his jacket!!)

I think there was a pair of pants in this bag, but I don't remember for sure!! :) This present was from Scott and I, so it's ok that I forgot!

Sam also got a stuffed Lightning McQueen car with a book that has the buttons you push to make the sounds during the story. Thanks Shelina and the Smith family!

Mommy gave him a big alphabet floor puzzle. He's has some fun with that. He likes to push all the letters out.

This one's from Daddy...

It's a fun little steering wheel toy thingy. Sam played with this for a long time in the store, so I knew he would like getting it for his birthday!! :)

All the other kids seemed to like it too! I think this picture is too cute!

Last, but not least, I think his favorite toy was the sit 'n spin he got from my sister and her family. Arica's girls have one of these at their house, and Sam had so much fun with it when he was over there last time. (It was a good experience to teach Sam and Lexi to share!) :) So, good call on this one, Walkers!! Thanks!!

He can really get going on this thing!
So, those were the festivities for Samson's second birthday. I think he had a good time. Thanks to our families for coming over and sharing in the fun with us! I know Samson loves and appreciates you all. Here's to another great year for our cute little red-head. I love you, Goofy Gut!!

P.S. I have my ultra sound on Wednesday. Make sure to get your votes it!! :)