Monday, April 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We have made it back safely from out trip to Arizona. We got home yesterday around 1:30. We started the drive home Saturday, but weren't able to make it the whole way, so we stayed the night in Kanab. We had a wonderful vacation and enjoyed the nice 80 degree weather while it was snowing back at home!! :) I'm so glad we missed it. Samson did very well, and he had a good time. (Except for when he got sick. More to come on that.) I did take quite a few pictures, and will post them when I have a little more time. I am home on my lunch break right now. I sure enjoyed my vacation, but it's kinda nice to be back home getting back into the grind! I just wanted to let everyone know that we made it back home safe, and we had a fun trip!