Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smiles and Laughs

I can not believe that Samson is SIX MONTHS OLD now!!! Time is going so fast. He has learned how to roll and scoot, and he is everywhere!! I have a feeling that he is going to be one of the kids that gets into everything. I think I'm going to have my hands full when he's a toddler! (Which is going to come too quickly, I'm afraid.)

Samson managed to roll and scoot himself under our little coffee table, but once he realized he was under there, he wasn't too happy about it!

This is one of our FAVORITE pictures. Sam has the cutest smile, and it is so contagious!! Scott put him in the laundry basket the other day, and Sam just loved it. He would not stop smiling. What a funny boy we have!

Samson has discovered a new toy.
We happened to leave an empty Dr. Pepper can on the floor one day, Sam found it, and had so much fun with it. He would try to grab it, and it would roll away so he'd have to scoot after it. Then, when he's finally catch it, he would but it straight up to his mouth like he's seen mom and dad do. He found that it would make a neat noise when he's "talk" into the can, and he loved that. I've since decided that it's not the best thing for him to play with, I don't want him to get cut on the sharp edges, so we have to get rid of our cans right away so Sam doesn't even see them. Once he sees one, he wants it!

I love, Love, LOVE this picture!! Sam has such a bright smile!

No one can get Samson to laugh like my mom. I will try the exact same things that she does, and I never get the same reaction from him that he gives to ShaSha!! He also laughs pretty good for his daddy. Here are some videos of Sam laughing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Horray for the internet!!

Yay!! I have the internet again!! So, everything went smoothly last week getting our phone and internet hooked up, and now we are good to go! You may be asking: "So why has it taken Courtney a week to post pictures?" Well, I have a good reason - not really, I'm just lazy. So, moving on...
Samson helped daddy get our wireless network set up.

And I was obviously getting in the way of the "guy territory" and was told (by Sam) to go away.

Here are some things that happened while we didn't have the internet. Scott's first attempt at feeding Samson rice cereal by himself. Need I say more?!
Note: that was only the half of it. It was EVERYWHERE!! Sam's bouncy seat still has cereal crusties on it!!

Abbie trying to hold Sam's hand. He wasn't too thrilled about the situation.

Swimming in the kiddie pool at Grandpa Bruce and ShaSha's. (Don't mind the fact that I looked horrible. I had been cleaning and scrubbing my old apartment all day.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I know that you are all missing my posts, and so am I. I have a good reason for not blogging lately, though. Since we've moved, we don't have the internet. We got all set up to get a home phone and the internet last week, and we were suppose to be getting everything done yesterday. Well, the people at Qwest are stupid, and made a mistake. They added a second phone line for the people upstairs. So we didn't get our phone OR our internet set up. How dumb is that?! What's worse is that we won't be getting the internet until Monday!! I am not a happy camper about this, becuase I've been looking forward to updating my blog. So, here I am at my parents explaining my sticky situation. I hope you all understand, and that you'll forgive me! I hope to post some pictures soon!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out this time!! :)

Here is what Samson has to say:
nnnnnnnnn ubmn ,tr56f bm,vccccccvvvvvvvvm7 b vbcgfb8m ftbxyni
I have to say - I agree!!!!