Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where to start...

I don't even know where to begin it's been so long since I've blogged. :) I guess I'll start with a baby update. Things are going well. I am now 14 week and in my second trimester! (Yippy!) Second trimester is the best. I've been feeling so much better, and I think I'm slowly getting my energy back. (We'll see how long it lasts!) I went to the doctor last week, and things look good. I heard the heartbeat, and the was super exciting. It took her a while to find it, so I was a little nervous, but she found it, and it was so cool! I love hearing the heartbeat for the first time! We'll probably find out what we're having the first week of March. We'll be sure to let you know. I'll most likely post it on Facebook before I get the blog updated, so check there, too!! :)

Well, what have we been doing for the last little while? Not too much, actually. Scott rearranged out living room a while ago so we could have a place to put our Christmas tree. Samson thought he was being a good helper!!
He was also a good helper while we decorated the tree!

Above: Family photo op!

We took Samson to see Santa a few times:

Needless to say, he was not too fond of him!!

Abbie was so excited for Santa to come to her ward Christmas party. All night, she kept telling me, "Courtney, Santa is coming tonight! I'm so excited to see him!" It was so cute. She kept asking her dad when Santa would be there. She told him that she wanted the game, Don't Spill the Beans.

Lexi was more interested in the candy than anything else!!

And again, Sam's not a fan. Even though this Santa was very "grandfatherly" to him!! ;)

Samson was not too interested in Santa this time. I think he was just a little too tired to really care!

For Lexi's birthday, we went to Jungle Jim's to play and ride the rides. Samson had a good time. I couldn't ride any of the rides since I'm preggers, so I was in charge of the camera while Scott did some rides with Sam.

Here we are at Christmas. These were taken Christmas Eve before we went to bed.

Christmas morning: Sam was more interested in eating breakfast than the presents.

This drill was his FAVORITE present. He played with it all day. I must admit, it is pretty cool. It has a few different bits to put on it, and you can even put it in reverse mode. Pretty awesome! Sam is such a boy, though. Why wouldn't his favorite toy be a power tool?!

He finally got the hang of taking the wrapping paper off to see what was inside.

Scott made the picture frame for me. He had given me the picture a few years ago for Christmas, but it's such an odd size that we've never been able to find a frame for it. So, he made one for me! It turned out great!! Thanks, babe, you're the best!!

A couple weeks ago, Samson had his first hair cut. Whenever I told people that I was going to cut his hair, they would get mad at me. They didn't want me to cut his cute curls off. I didn't want to cut them off, either, but he needed a trip and a clean up! He did SO GOOD!!! He was a little unsure at first, but he just ate his sucker, and took it like a man!! :)

He thought the trimmers tickled!! He thought it was so funny!

His reward for being so good while getting his hair cut. (He ate most of that bowl of ice cream)

So, there is the Huish update!! I'll try to be better about blogging. It just seems to take me so long to do it!! Hope all is going well for everyone!!