Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hurray for Hannah!

Our baby girl was born on 7-26-2010 at 4:35pm. She is 6lbs 13oz and 18 1/2 in long. Her name is Hannah Huish, and she is sooo cute!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Much needed update

I decided I better do an update before the baby comes. Because then I really won't have time for blogging after that!! I can't believe that we're more than half way through July, and I haven't updated since May. I kinda suck! So, be prepared for a lot of pictures...

Our move went well, and we are loving our new place. Thank you so so much to our families for helping. We couldn't have done it without you! Samson's favorite part was the ramp on the moving truck. He run up and down that thing a ton!!

My family decided to have a little contest with graham cracker houses. We split into teams, and each had to make a house with graham crackers and a huge assortment of candy. Everything we used had to be edible. Here is our vast array of decoration choices.
This was mine and my mom's

The Walker family's (Snow White's castle - to Abbie's request)
Ben and Ashley's barn - complete with horses, and a pig in the mud!

Scott took Samson camping on a father's and son's outing with his dad. They had a lot of fun, and I'm glad I was able to stay home in my nice bed!

Playing with Grandpa!

Exploring nature

After they got home from camping, Sam discovered ants in Grandpa's back yard. He's loved them ever since. Every time he spots one, he has to bend down to look at it closely.

Nap time shenanigans.

I tried to upload a video, but my computer is being stupid, so the picture will have to do. When I went in to get Sam after his quiet time, I walked into him and his room covered with vasiline. It was everywhere!!
A few days later, I walked into this. He had climbed up onto his changing table, pulled his pillow up, and fell asleep on there. It was pretty funny.
We took a family trip to Bear Lake a few weeks ago. We crammed 15 people (10 adults, 5 kids) into a tiny, two bedroom condo for about 5 days!! Yes, we are crazy. Yes, we had a ton of fun!! Here are Sam, Abbie, and Lexi playing play-doh. Too cute!
We played a little Rock Band

The kids had a good time eating these HUGE marshmallows. Notice Samson's GQ poses, along with his orange fingers from his Cheeto's.

We played on the beach. Samson loved every minute of it. He had fun digging holes in the sand with daddy.

He also had fun wading in the water

Ben got a little too friendly with the little boat!! :)

What's a Bear Lake trip without getting ice cream from the store?!

We went to This is the Place State Park one day with my family, and we had a blast. Samson had so much fun, and was such a good boy. He loved the pony ride. I wasn't sure how he'd do, but he got right on, and was a champ!!

He also liked the little petting zoo

Andy caught a chicken, and the kids loved petting it.

We had an old-time photo taken with the whole family, which was so much fun. We all got to dress up in pioneer clothes, and I think Sam looked the cutest!! He was such a stud!

There was a mechanical bull there that day, and it was free to ride, so Abbie thought she'd give it a go. She did great, and had a lot of fun!! I'm so proud of her!

Then Arica went
Then Scott - show off with one hand!!

Then dad went

Even mom gave it a try!! (Don't I have the coolest parents ever?!)
Then Kevin went
Scott and Sam looked for gold - and found some!!

Scott's sister, Shelina, got married just a few days ago. It was a beautiful wedding, and she was a beautiful bride!! Congrats, Shelina and Kyle!!

Samson is our little swimmer. He LOVES to be in the pool. He puts on his floatie, and goes. He doesn't want anyone to hold on to him, he wants to do it himself. I must say, he's quite good at it!

Helping dad husk the corn for dinner. He loves to help whenever he can!
So, there's the update. Things with baby are going well. Nine days away from our due date. We'll have to see how things go. I went to the doctor today, and no progress so far. I'll see what I can do to get things going!! We'll keep you posted!