Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Hannah

Well, I have a few minutes to update my blog while Hannah is sleeping and Sam is going between playing in his room and watching Sesame Street. Things are going well in the Huish household. I've decided not to go back to work, and to stay home with the kiddos. It will be tough, but I just couldn't stand leaving my kids!! So here are more pictures of my cute little ones...

Ben and his girlfriend, Ashley with Hannah at the hospital.

Almost ready to go.

In her car seat ready to head home.

At home in her bouncy seat.

Just hangin' out on the cute quilt Aunt Jill made her.
We blessed Hannah this past Sunday, Sep. 5th. Scott gave her a wonderful blessing and we had lots of family there to support us. It was a great day.

My dad, my mom, Hannah, me and Scott
With my mom's parents.
Four generations: Hannah, me, my mom, and my grandma
Grandma Shanon got Hannah the cutest little booties for her blessing.

She also gave her a cute little bracelet. You can kind of see it, but this picture doesn't do it justice. She looked so adorable with it around her tiny wrist.

My beautiful baby girl. Thank you to my bff, Shauna for giving Hannah the beautiful dress, and thank you to my mom for making Hannah the cute blanket.

Scott's dad, Shannon, Hannah, Scott and me.
All of Scott's family that was there. We were lucky enough to have visitors from Arizona join us on our happy day. Annette's brother and his wife were driving through to take their daughter to BYU-Idaho, and the timing was perfect so they could come to the blessing.

My cute family with my parents.
Great picture of Abbie I couldn't resist posting. :)

Super cute picture of Sam. (Abbie was the photographer of this one)

I love my family!!!

Scott was holding Hannah, and she wrapped her arm around his tie and held on for dear life!! It was so cute!!

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